Cement Installation

concrete miami workers leveling cement

We know cement and build flooring that lasts.

Cement projects can quickly become regretful if you don’t have a master finisher. We always offer competitive pricing and make a point to complete the job, in a timely manner. Our team is skilled with unmatched experience in the market. The professionals at Asphalt Miami, have the expertise and knowledge needed to provide the excellent service you deserve with the longevity you desire.

When you work with us, you become family and we treat your property with the same care we would our own. With every job, we protect landscaping, walkways, and other areas of your property to ensure a clean working space and minimal cleanup afterwards.

The perfect alternative to traditional flooring and pavements.

Why should I choose cement?

  • Customizing your space

    Planning a cement job to improve the look of your house or commercial space? You’re in the best hands with Asphalt Miami. We are here to help you execute your vision. Cement makes a solid alternative to traditional flooring approaches like stone, marble, or wood porcelain. When using cement, you have limitless possibilities for color choices and combinations, patterns, textures, and finishes.

  • Elevating your look

    Whether you are a home or property owner, the addition of a porch, walkway, or patio is a big deal for your property. One of the benefits of using cement pavers is their versatility. They easy to blend with your existing pavement. Cement can fit in with the unique design your property already has or be the defining pieces in creating a new look.

  • Space functionality

    Honestly, who does not love hosting a gathering and having well thought out and developed outdoor spaces for guests to overflow into? Or maybe you desire a beautifully designed entrance to your business that also tells a story? Creating an outdoor addition to your property can add space and functionality to your home, create memorable experiences, and add character.

worker smoothing out cement


Property owners typically opt for cement due to the indisputable value it adds to the property and it’s appearance. 

worker pouring cement for backyard cement pad


The exterior of your property can be as extravagant, bold, or modest as your heart desires, when you choose cement.

professional office with cement floor


Avoid the never-ending upkeep for your property space by using a material known to stay in good condition for years. If this sounds good to you, cement is a perfect match for your project!

workers smoothing out cement


Cement is proven to be a versatile choice for any commercial or residential property owner wanting to boost the value of their property.