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We are licensed and insured, giving us credibility that is supported by our team of certified and skilled professionals. We always do a satisfactory job, furthering our positive reputation among paving contractors Miami.

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You can be proud of your new concrete as we offer quality service with quality products and materials. Our consistency in providing quality service is known around Miami.

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Our rates are the best offered. We are flexible with your budget and can turn it into something beautiful. We will provide high quality work without breaking the bank!

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Our team is compiled with certified professionals who have many hands-on years of experience. From all walks of life, we combine our knowledge to provide your Miami property sufficient services.

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We are experienced in the techniques needed for effective asphalt paving Miami, FL. Can’t stop pondering on why we should be your choice? With Asphalt Miami the customizable solutions provided by our team are full-service and can be used to resolve all your construction needs. New home build or commercial property construction, we have the resources and the know-how to do it right the first time!

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We are beyond equipped to handle your project with no sweat! No matter how small or large, we handle all-sized projects. We can manage yours while giving you the excellent service you deserve. Our work quality paves the way for us. Ready to tackle all your residential or commercial concrete needs?

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Miami Concrete Paving

Are you interested in increasing your curb appeal with a fantastic, new outdoor feature to accent your landscaping? Asphalt Miami is a leader in the industry of concrete construction for residential and commercial property.  Doesn’t matter if you are building a home or developing a commercial property, our tailored approach can get the job done right, within budget, and with time to spare.

With many quality years of professional experience, we have completed a surplus of installations within the housing association, commercial and private developments in Miami. Our trusted team of professionals can manage the work needed for your property and concrete project.

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Stamp Concrete Miami

This is so much more than just a good-looking surface. This is not a new method for upgrading your space, but it is one that withstands the test of time for both residential and commercial properties. Concrete stamping speaks for itself as a feasible choice for homeowners who desire the most appealing property spaces.

Aesthetically, stamped concrete is tough competition when referring to the virtually unlimited patterns and color options you have to choose from. Many people get inspired by the surrounding area landscaping or the home’s architectural style. Stamped concrete can also coexist with other decorative concrete elements like exposed aggregate.

Asphalt Paving Miami

Are you a property owner in need of our paving contractors in Miami? We are dedicated to providing the best paving services, with integrity. Our specialty is for asphalt installation on both residential and commercial properties alike. We have the needed tools and experience to handle any job, no matter what size the project is. With us your property is treated as if it were our own and all our work is guaranteed to fit your desires and expectations.

Our reputation for being the top paving company in Miami is based on our excellent service and reliability. We are a full-service asphalt and concrete solutions to the paving needs of residential and commercial property owners.

Miami Cement

Cement is in high demand when selecting materials to support buildings and infrastructure systems. The real professionals know, when it’s built with cement, it’s built to last.  A strong foundation holds your hard-earned home or building above the ground. It blocks out moisture, provides insulation to prevent corrosion, and provides stability in opposition to the movement of the earth around.

The foundation of any structure carries the load of the construction, so it requires a good, strong, and durable material to hold it up and in place. Cement is practically weather-proof, extremely low maintenance, and proves itself to be a solid investment.

Finding qualified concrete contractors can be frustrating and tedious, but don’t you fret…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cement and concrete?

Even though the terms cement and concrete are often used interchangeably, most don’t realize cement is an ingredient of concrete. Concrete is a mixture of paste and aggregates. The aggregates are sand and gravel, or crushed stone and the paste is a mix of cement and water.

What is sealcoating?

Sealcoating is a layer of tar emulsion that is applied to asphalt pavement. This layer is applied last and adds an extra level of protection against weathering and ultraviolet oxidation while giving the pavement a more uniformed, black appearance. Sealcoating is also known as resurfacing but is a process that is completed after asphalt paving.

What is resurfacing?

Resurfacing is the process of installing a new layer of asphalt on an existing pavement surface. This layer is typically applied as an additional measure of protection for the surface. Asphalt resurfacing is often interchanged with the term sealcoating. It can be considered a method completed to replace weathered sealcoating.

How do you protect a concrete surface from aggressive materials like acids?

Although most materials do not affect concrete, there are some more aggressive chemicals and materials, that can cause concrete to deteriorate. The best defense against harsh chemical damages is to start with quality concrete mixed with maximum chemical resistance. A large number of sealants and coatings are used to protect concrete from the many stresses caused by instances and environments.

My asphalt is cracking, can this be repaired?

You can bet your bottom dollar! Our professionals have the proper equipment and experience to quickly and inexpensively fill those cracks and prevent further damages to your property space. The sooner these asphalt cracks can be repaired the better off you and your property will be.

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Matching the aesthetics of your home and landscaping to create a clean look for your home. Creating unique designs and focal points for your home can make your home the envy of the neighborhood and increase property value.

concrete contractors miami commercial building


What’s better than pulling up to an establishment that has amazing design and wow-factors to draw you in? They peak your interest, establish some confidence in the business, and encourage you to move forward with an opinion of the business. What does your commercial property say when customers arrive?

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Pavement is so versatile and can be used to improve the appearance of your commercial or residential property. Building outdoor gathering spaces, walkways, and more, gives opportunity for increased value and hands-off maintenance down the road.

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Pavements are becoming increasingly popular in homes and corporate buildings as they are better for high traffic and heavier loads. Home and property owners are gravitating more to pavement materials for their spaces, opposed to the traditional hardwoods and tiles. Cost savings are in your future when you choose pavement laying for your home or property.

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